Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh

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Deans Corner

I am very happy to announce that BSc in Oceanography is going to start its journey at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University. We all know that the ocean is a vast and challenging place to work, but knowledge about the ocean is very limited to us. In fact, the Bay of Bengal had remained relatively unexplored especially the Northern Bay. I hope that the Department of Oceanography at BSMRMU will improve our understanding of the seas focusing the Bay of Bengal and this knowledge will benefit our nation.

The Department of Oceanography at BSMRMU aims to advance our knowledge of all facets of the ocean environment around Bangladesh. The goal of the department is to advance marine sciences through observation, experimentation and modeling, and to provide excellent educational and research opportunities for graduate students in Bangladesh with degrees in Oceanography. Oceanography students at our university will learn basic knowledge in the classroom and reinforce their knowledge in laboratories, field research and during thesis. I expect that our students will explore the world to investigate the complex questions of the ocean's future, present and past through an intensive interdisciplinary education, both in the classrooms and in the fields. After completing the graduation from the Department of Oceanography at BSMRMU, our students can avail innumerable opportunities in different areas of the maritime sectors both in home and abroad. Our curriculum provides the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in any component of the rapidly evolving workforce.

I finally hope that the journey of Department of Oceanography at BSMRMU will certainly benefit our country by widening maritime working opportunities in the oceans focusing the Bay of Bengal.

Commodore Sheikh Mahmudul Hassan
Dean, Faculty of Earth and Ocean Science