Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh

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Deans Corner

I am very pleased to announce that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University is going to start programs under Faculty of Engineering and Technology. We know that engineering is the bridge between the sciences and humanities. Our engineers apply scientific principles to advance the human condition. Studying engineering and technology is the urgent demand of the present time and so we have started this program at BSMRMU. The objective of this faculty is to provide outstanding engineering education directed at enriching the quality of life in an emerging knowledge-based society. Our mission is to graduate highly competent engineers, conduct internationally recognized research, and provide quality professional services.

I expect that after completing the courses from this faculty our students will be ready to solve the challenges of a dynamic and quickly changing world. Our students will not only focus in the classroom, but also spend time working inside our laboratories, where they will learn to apply the complicated principles they learn in the classroom. I also hope that our teaching equips graduates with practical experience applying the latest knowledge in their field. We have our commitment to providing high quality educational programs through continuous improvement of instruction and curriculum.

Our aim is to educate students to think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly within the context of personal and professional ethics. We foster engineering and technical management skills in our students so that they excel in industry after graduation. I believe that in our country we have immense talent. All that is required is to guide and bring out the best of it through quality and need-based education.

Cdre M Ziauddin Alamgir, (L), NGP, fdc, psc, BN
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology