Department of Management

Department of Management

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University is the solely preeminent university specialized in the maritime sector of Bangladesh. Statistics reveals that the economy of Bangladesh is heavily dependent on international trades where maritime ports play multiple fundamental roles as 94% of the international trades (in terms of volume) are conducted by sea. In addition to that, there is an abundance of marine resources such as seaweeds, aquatic animals, of which, marine mammals gain the utmost concern. With the auspicious endeavors of technological enhancement, seabed mining is no longer a farfetched possibility rather an intriguing practicality.

The Department of Management under the Faculty of Maritime Business Studies of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University set sail in September, 2017. Our Department marks its invincible domain encircling the maritime resource based business management and traditional business organization management as well. Almost 90% of startup business organizations and nonprofit organizations fail miserably within the first five years of operations, and quite alarmingly, almost 90% of them fizzle out due to inept management of operations. Management has always been the very essence of every business entity. But in contrary to the old times, organizational management has more challenges owing to the ever expanding competitions in the internal as well as the external business environments. Effective leadership can make a company stand out as an epitome of achievements whereas ineffective management stemming from incompetent leadership can put the sustainability of an organization in question.

The Department is privileged to have a grandeur list of faculty members having received their academic accolades from both locally and internationally reputed universities recognized worldwide. Their linguistic proficiency and scholastic persona contribute to the smooth delivery of lectures and demonstrations. Their uninterrupted   dedications and sublime teaching styles mould the students' affective and cognitive reasonings. Students of this department are relentlessly encouraged to pursue both theoretical and practical knowledge. In order to manifest their academic lessons into marketable strategies, the university arranges local and international study tours for the students. The tour expenditures are maximally borne by the department. Having graduated from this university, our former students are contributing profusely to both maritime and traditional organizations. To put it succinctly, they have more salable skills than other candidates competing in the job market. This department of the university is playing a pivotal role in the management of maritime business operations far and wide. Evaluating the importance of the maritime sector, the department is flourishing very rapidly by keeping pace with the environmental challenges. The department will continue pioneering with an indomitable spirit in the maritime sector time and time again. In sha Allah.

Faculty Members:

Wahidul Sheikh Shemon

Assistant Professor, Department of Management

Mohammad Momtajul Haq Azad

Assistant Professor