Call for papers for Bangladesh Mari..

Call for papers for Bangladesh Maritime Journal Special Issue-1

Call for papers for Bangladesh Maritime Journal
Special Issue-1
ISSN 2519-5972 (Print), 2520-1840 (Online)
Under the grant of University of Portsmouth, UK

We are glad to inform you that the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh (BSMRMU), is going to publish a special issue of Bangladesh Maritime Journal (BMJ). The Centre for Blue Governance, University of Portsmouth, UK is the co-organizer of the special issue. This special issue focuses on the “challenges and opportunities of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta in Bangladesh’s blue economy ambitions”. Living of the people depend on river flows and natural tides for ecosystem services supporting livelihoods and nutrition. Living in the delta are continuously exposed to the threats to floods and other natural hazards. Delta governance must therefore encompass the dynamic, physical and biological processes at the interface of land and sea and the complex multi-user landscape. The articles in this special issue will cover the state of the current scientific and policy ‘seascape’ of the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. Authors are requested to submit typed papers in prescribed format and email to the Editorial Board in the email address: .


Thematic areas of the Special Issue

SI-1: Evaluation of the tools available to manage connected sea and land processes and sectors affecting delta social ecological systems.

Papers will provide a critical review and assessment of tools and methods currently used for the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta management or used in other large delta that can be relevant for Bangladesh. They will also provide practical recommendations for the surface water (incl. flooding) management, mangroves in the aquatic environment, infrastructures development and all related activities (fishery, transportation, pollution etc.) if possible in a holistic approach in order to capture the complexity of the Delta management. Papers on specific thematic areas like maritime governance, ocean policy, marine spatial planning and integrated coastal zone management are welcome.

SI-2: Describing current and future states of delta social-ecological systems, especially towards the 2050 horizon.

As the horizon 2030 is already there, papers will provide forecasts, using climate change knowledge. As the 2030 horizon is very close, articles will focus on describing what will be the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta in 2050 by emphasizing the changes that will affect social and ecological systems. Attention will be given to 2050 requirements in terms of human habitats (new architecture to comply to sea level rise) and transport infrastructures (new sea and freshwater transport corridors), Nature based-solutions versus artificial defences to protect lands from salt water intrusion, etc. Papers should also provide government with practical steps to ensure a smooth transition, marine protected areas, land reclamation, regional maritime connectivity, multi-modal logistics and transportation.

SI-3: Valuation of delta ecosystem services in economic, social, biodiversity and policy contexts.

Papers will provide evidence of ecological value of Delta ecosystems (mangroves but also mudflats, seagrasses, etc.), especially for the implementation of the National Determined Contribution of Bangladesh. Papers will also provide economic valuation of ecosystem services highlighting the value of their preservation or the societal benefit, blue economy opportunity, blue tourism and resource diversification. Papers can also address the economic valuation of ecosystem services as a way to provide measurement indicators for the possible future implementation of a compensation scheme. Papers exclusively on living and non-living marine resources are welcome.  

SI-4: Description of delta human and natural systems, identify key community and sector stakeholders in the Delta.

Papers will focus on the presentation of human and natural systems that are not used to studied or at a scale they don’t usually get attention (land conversion due to salinization, Shrimp post-larvae collection, etc.). Papers will present how communities organized themselves to cope with change and increasing pressures. They will highlight the importance of taking into consideration all stakeholders for decision making process from the local to the national level.

SI-5: Natural processes underpinning the provision of these services to investigate how their access and productivity is affected under different governance scenarios.

Regulating services that are key for the functioning of the Delta will be looked at. Papers will provide strong analysis of the current and near future factors that will affect these regulating services. They will also provide recommendations for the implementation of solutions.


In the series of our activities BSMRMU is committed to publishing high quality articles of faculties and researchers of all across the world. BMJ, which is a double blind peer reviewed journal, will bring out this special issue under joint collaboration and funding of Portsmouth University, UK. The author should declare that the article has not been published and/or submitted for publication elsewhere earlier and is not in consideration for publication anywhere else.

The papers/articles shall be written in English (Standard British) and typed double spaced on a standard A4 size paper of not more than 4000 words. Letter font shall be of Times New Roman size 12 points. The papers/articles shall have an abstract of 300 words (Font Times New Roman, size 11 points) followed by keywords. The papers/articles should acknowledge the sources as references. The papers/articles shall be submitted along with a signed copy of copyright.

The Chicago style (published in the Manual, latest edition) shall be the writing and reference style of the papers/articles for the journal. For submission of Manuscript template and authors' instructions, may please visit Journal website at or email us at



Chief Patron: Rear Admiral Khaled Iqbal, Vice Chancellor, BSMR Maritime University

Chief Editor: Prof. Dr. Aftab Alam Khan, Head, Department of Oceanography and Hydrography, BSMR Maritime University


Prof. Dr. Pierre Failler, Faculty of Business and Law & Director of the Centre for Blue Governance, Portsmouth University, UK

Dr. Mohammad Abdul Hoque, Senior Lecturer, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Portsmouth University, UK

Captain Wahid Hasan Kutubuddin, Director, IBBBS, BSMR Maritime University

Dr. Mohammad Nazir Hossain, Associate Professor, Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, BSMR Maritime University

Dr. S. M. Mustafizur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of Oceanography and Hydrography, BSMR Maritime University

Mr. Khandokar Atikur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Department of General Studies, BSMR Maritime University

Mr. Md. Salman Sadekin Choyan, PRO, BSMR Maritime University

Member Secretary:
Mr. Md. Ashikur Rahman, Research Officer (IBBS), BSMR Maritime University